Friday, February 6, 2009

Houston...we have a tooth!

Elliott got a new front tooth yesterday. After 10 months with only 1 front tooth, we decided to get him a pediatric partial aka "pedo partial". I thought we'd get used to his impish grin, and we mostly were, but I missed my cute Elliott's smile.
Here he is going into the dentist:
And here he is sporting his fancy new tooth!

This is what the implant looks like. I thought he would freak out with the wire and bracket around his molars, but he hasn't said anything. We don't know how long it will actually last, but we'll see!!

We registered Oliver for Kindergarten the other day. He was so excited to go and see his big boy school and meet the different teachers. We won't know who his teacher is or whether he'll be in the AM or PM class until August. He is definitely ready and excited to be growing up. Oliver is truly an amazing kid. He can be so sensitive and sweet at times. Last night he got this really sad look on his face so I asked him what was wrong. Then he started crying as he talked. He said "I want another baby in our family." I was shocked and said, "But honey, we have a baby. Matilda is our baby!" He responded, "I know, but she is growing up too fast and learning things. I'm too sad about that. I don't want her to grow up, so we need another baby." The whole time he was talking, he almost started sobbing. I've never seen anything like it. It got me all teary eyed because although it is fun watching MJ develop, it is definitely sad at times because she is our last child. I really had to calm him down and tell him how Matilda will always be the baby of our family, even when she is 25. Then he wanted to pray to Heavenly Father and thank him for Matilda. He got in bed and said the sweetest prayer. He had truly been thinking deeply about all of this. Ollie definitely adores his sister!!

Speaking of MJ, it is spring/summer shopping season already. Here are a few pictures I took as I tried on her new loot.

Here she is showing off her cute chubby legs!!

Look at me stand!!


  1. I GET TO SEE YOUR BEAUTIFUL KIDS SOOOO SOON! I adore Elliot's smile in both of those pics. What a cutie. And MJ just keeps getting more and more gorgeous.

  2. Shauna! so glad you are loving it in CO and your family has gottten even more beautiful with MJ! Saw your blog comment on Lexie's and then your first pics...I lost my front tooth when I was about 6 and had to get a fake tooth too! What I really remember was as my mouth grew the fake tooth got loose and it was SOOO fun spinning it on the wire! of course, that was a long time ago so hopefully that won't kinda freaked out my mom! We miss you at scrapping nights!