Friday, February 27, 2009

Could it be....ESP??

I decided to blog about this story because I don't want to forget it. Last weekend was my birthday (woohoo!) and I was lucky enough to have my sisters here with me. Janna and Juje flew in Friday night and on Saturday we all (Katie, Janna, Juje, Matilda and I) went to Denver to stay overnight. Since Matilda is a breastfed baby, she is my permanent sidekick. On Sat. night, we ended up going back to our hotel before dinner because Matilda was tired and cranky. We decided to order pizza and watch an in-room movie. Our pizza was supposed to take 45 min-1 hour. After 1 hour, we called the place and they said the guy had already come and we weren't in the room. He even said the front desk tried to call us. Well, we had all been in the room and nobody knocked or called. So they said the guy would come again. 30 minutes later we still had no pizza. Finally they realized there were 2 Hyatt hotels in downtown Denver. And the hotels are only a few blocks apart. The delivery guy had gone to the wrong hotel 2 times and it was a huge fiasco. I never spoke of this story to anyone because it never came up in conversation.

So the reason I tell you this snippet is because of a dream Oliver told me about. Yesterday he came down after his nap and said he was sad. I asked why and he said it was because he wasn't with us on our girls weekend and he missed Matilda. I thought "Awwww, that is cute!". Then he started talking more: "I was sad because the girls went to the room because Matilda was tired so you were getting pizza. But then the pizza man got lost and took a long time so you had to give him directions." I was in shock. I hadn't even told him we got pizza, let alone that the delivery guy got lost!! So I asked more questions. Oliver said "The guy went up the elevator and walked around but you weren't there. So he went somewhere else."

Isn't this story weird/cool/creepy? Seriously!! We never talked about going back to the room, getting pizza or the fiasco involved!!!

This reminds me of the time we lived in NJ and Oliver told me there was a ghost who was a boy who lived in our house. He used to talk to the ghost all the time. I was freaked out because I didn't even know how he knew the word ghost. He was only 2 1/2 at the time. Maybe my kid has ESP and I can cash in. Now I just need to train him to read the future and I will be RICH!!

Now back to my birthday...... We had a blast!!! It has been such a long time since all the girls were together. We stayed up so late talking and laughing. It was my best birthday ever!


  1. Are you serious, holy moley! It's weird how crazy things happen that can't be explained. I think your kids are freaking talented geniuses with ESP :)! Oh and Super cute!
    If I ever get to meet them in person I might want to kidnap them.

  2. Shauna!
    Hi, old friend! How are you doing? Your family is so, so cute! I'm glad I found you, it's been a while. I can't wait to read up on all your fun!